Beating Yourself Up With New Age Thinking


This whole thing with beating yourself up for having negative thoughts & telling yourself that you created it because of your negative mindset…well, it’s starting to irk me.

It smells like left over self-flagellation from Christian times.

Blaming your current state on your negative thoughts & vibrations & slipping further into lower vibrations because you’re off-centre. Is it really helping?

(But also – YEY congratulations! – you’ve graduated beyond blaming other people & external forces for creating your life. This means YOU have the power to do something about it.)

i did this A LOT. It only ever spiralled down into a pit of self-loathing.

i’d updated the church’s practice of self-punishment into the New-Age-way of holding myself responsible for creating & manifesting every problem & pain in my life.

It’s not entirely false. It’s also not the full picture. There’s a piece missing. The ladder that i found to eventually climb out of my self-loathing whirlpool:


Yes, the beliefs we hold in our minds (especially our subconscious) are responsible for how we perceive, & therefore react to, our current reality. Our mind is how we interface with this reality. It also seems true that our vibrational state (largely created by our minds) will magnetise certain experiences of the same vibration into our lives. {Personally i think this happens so we are gifted the opportunity to see where we’re at & take a step UP.}

So, when we find ourselves in a funk, is telling ourselves that it’s “all my fault” really helping? No. That’ll only lower us into the negativity sinkhole.

What would happen if, as soon as you realised you’re in a funk, you’re able to apply the balm of self-love?
If you could accept right then & there “Hmmm, i’m in a funk. i’m going to start with some self-love.”

Wondering how to do that? Simple. Self-soothing statements (for those that want the upgraded bonus version, tap on your chest to relax your brain/amygdala)

– i love myself right where i’m at with this.
– i accept that i’m in a funk and i’m worthy of my love & compassion anyway.
– Even if i created this whole situation with my negative thoughts & energy, i’m still a good person & i’m ready to climb out of this sinkhole with my own love & support.
– i’m choosing to be kind, gentle & loving to myself as i move through these tender moments.
– i’m open to talking to myself the same way i’d talk to my best friend/child if they were feeling this way.
– i’m learning to love myself at a whole new level.
– Every single part of me is worthy of my love – even the parts of me that i don’t necessarily like!
– i’m willing to listen & love these parts of me (ignoring & hating on them certainly hasn’t been working – so i’m open to trying something new & loving them!)
– i’m choosing to feel at peace with this situation. Inner peace is my super power!
– i love & accept myself & i’m reclaiming my power, getting my happy back.

Try it! It works for me. Eventually you learn to catch yourself & bring yourself back to centre more quickly.

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