EFT Treatment

EFT treatment session

Private EFT Sessions

In this EFT treatment, Jennifer leads you, via a video call, to get to the root of a specific issue & bring positive transformation.


You'll be lovingly guided to the core of your issue.  Jennifer specialises in identifying patterns repeating themselves throughout your life (& possibly inherited from previous generations).  Together, you'll apply the balm of compassion & acceptance, to experience freedom & peace.


When ready, you'll be guided to let it go, creating a whole new reality & life for yourself.


It really is possible - but you have to be willing to do the work!


Ready to shift some old patterns & beliefs ~ to fall in love with life? 

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Master Level EFT Session
90-105 minutes | Prices in USD
1 session: $175
4 sessions: $575
Sessions must be used within 2 months of purchase & are non-refundable.


Want to really dive deep & give your life a complete overhaul? Jennifer offers a 2 month package of 8 sessions for $1,100 and has a 3 month package of 12 sessions for $1,600.


Prices are in US dollars.  Jennifer accepts payments to her UK or US bank account.  It's easy to pay via Transferwise with a debit or credit card, plus they have low transfer fees. 

"Tapping with Jennifer is lovely, she knows how to dig in deep & rid the body of challenging past experiences within single sessions. Working with Jennifer is intense & rewarding."  

~ Dr Nick, Pharmacist, Essential Oils Wizardry, U.S.A.

EFT Workshops & Group Sessions

Jennifer leads EFT groups all over the world, to experience peace & presence through the practice of EFT.


Sometimes we work together on a common theme (e.g. transforming the challenges of self-doubt into love & confidence).


In other circles, each participant chooses an issue which is currently disturbing their natural state of peace.  After an optional sharing, Jennifer guides the group to use EFT on their individual issue.  Memories & limiting beliefs are released to experience joy.


The number of participants varies.  Jennifer has lead intimate gatherings of 5 people, to festivals of 50 people.


Group EFT Sessions last 90 minutes - 2 hours.


For more reviews see below. For a simple EFT Treatment FAQ click the link.

EFT session in circle
"Jennifer held the space with compassion, honesty, wisdom and gentle care for those who attended tonight. As practitioner of Healing Trauma work, I appreciated her insights and observations, while she took us through the art of tapping."
~ Parveen, UK, EFT Circle in Thailand

"Jennifer is real, genuine & warm. Working through our collective worries & fears in a welcoming, non judgemental EFT session was powerful; She facilitates professionally & gently for a healthy, healing experience."

~ Jesika, Canada, EFT Circle in India

"After experiencing other EFT sessions with somebody else I must say that the tapping with Jennifer was so much better for me. She really connected with me and took time to answer my questions (which was important for me, I needed to understand what we were doing).
The way she uses the tapping and the choice of her words brought things up that I never thought were there. I admit, I was skeptic about EFT but she showed me that it can work!"

~ Ellen Van den Broeck (Belgium), HR manager

"You touched my heart sooo much. You have shared so generously of your knowledge and of yourself, my heart is grateful to you, the universe, myself for that happening 🙂
what i've learnt the most is from you, from your incredible generosity and willing to share healing with others. You are a real healer because it's coming from your heart and real care for people, this is the best i've learned, and in addition of that i'm glad to have the eft and to use it whenever i feel in some kind of despair or strong reaction.
One of the thing i love the most about it is that it's an accessible tool you can use in the moment you're triggered, so it's actually really helping because it's a very direct way to work in the moment consciously on what is happening and to clear the space for more peace and more insight of a situation/pattern...
So thank you again for that beautiful sharing of yours, you're like an angelic messenger and it's giving a lot of inspiration!

~ Elisa (France), tattoo artist

"Thank you for being really great with all your work.
Jennifer's sensitivity, openness, calming presence and sense of playfulness is a real gift to those around her. Tapping with Jennifer was a joyful and and transforming experience. Whether you have something to bring forward to be healed or not, you will leave her sessions or workshops feeling refreshed and inspired!"

~ Areerat (Thai/UK), Yoga Tree Manager

"Thank you for supporting and encouraging me to open up to the idea that I don't have to choose! But instead, embrace the idea that the unique combination of slightly contradicting parts, makes me me!"

~ Valerie (Holland), massage therapist & artist

"Wow, what an incredible process and incredible times we live in. And so glorious to know you and share in your process. I did some EFT by myself after our session, and it felt wonderful and natural - thank you so much.
I can feel your warmth all the way from Chiang Mai oozing through the damp rainy day here! And thank you thank you thank you for reminding me ..... Surrender"

~ Marian, (England), Women’s Coach

"You have no idea of how much your words have helped me here! "Be kind to yourself", this sentence is going through my head a lot and I just wanna say thank you for giving that to me! It’s funny how words from a person can mean so much!"

~ Cecilia Berg, Norway

"Your optimism, and your presence was able to sooth me, reassure me and calm me. Thank you."

~ Sebastian Luchero, France/ Montreal, student

"You’re so strong in yourself and strong in what it is that you’re doing in the world."

~ Mirte, Holland, dance facilitator

"I am definitely feeling more confident! Thanks!"

~ Linda, Holland

"I am learning to love myself anyway, this is a thought that I constantly repeat to myself 😉 This eft is wonderful!!"

~ Camille (France), traveller

"You do so much healing with your eyes. I felt like i was seeing…I don’t know what!!!…other dimensions? I hope people keep their eyes open when they do sessions with you, it may be a bit uncomfortable, but it’s so healing."

~ Mukti, Brazil, mother, healer, entrepreneur

"I truly appreciated the EFT session that you offered at the women's circle on Tuesday night. It touched me (literally and figuratively) to know that such opening is possible, and somehow I felt a strong connection to the process."

~ Moe, Canadian, (spoken word artist)

"Thank you so much Jennifer. That was a fantastic session. You’re really good at that. I know someone who’s a good healer when i meet them. And you are. Really good!"

~ Veronica, Canada, Feb 2013

"So much natural beauty and healing radiates from you. You already share so much healing just when you communicate with people."

~ Mackenzie, Canada/US, Life-coach

"I've really appreciated your sharing of this positively, wonderful technique. I will certainly be continuing with it wherever I maybe. You’re a great EFT facilitator!
Since coming to all 3 of your workshops, i’ve noticed a change in myself. I’ve stopped being so serious! Yey!"

~ Parveen (UK), Teacher

"Thank you so much for the awesome session. I have a new nickname for you…The Tapping Warrior."

~ Ashika, France, Coach & Tarot Therapist

"Jennifer is a most gifted practitioner who brings not only great insight but also perennial wisdom to her way of working with EFT. She goes deep with unusual compassion and understanding. I was amazed at the results of our work together."

~ Veronica, Canada, Conflict Transformation Educator

"THANK YOU very much for our meditative sessions, I feel how much it is good for my mind & soul, it helps me focusing. You're a really good, listening and respectful guide. I'm glad that it is you who make me discover EFT.
Thank you (again, and again, and again, and so on..) for the meditation and your natural kindness."

~ Sara, France, Educator

"Thanks once again for your work with me. Working with you is having a profoundly positive effect on my life and I'm very grateful that we've been connected."

~ Kat, Scotland

"Hi Jennifer, I just wanted to say thank you so much again for the lovely Women’s EFT Circle experiences. I have to say, they have been such a massive support for me whilst I've been here, and I've looked forward to them every week. I've been so inspired by how well you've held the group too, so thank you - so much gratitude!"

~ Charlotte, England

"Since the session I feel huge shifts. The biggest change is in being more honest with myself. I realise now that I use to lie to myself, but now I am more truthful. This helps me in my relationships with other people too."

~ Forbes, South Africa, Writer

"After our session I am feeling really good!! I've definitely had some invasive thoughts about body image/weight but have immediately gone to the affirmations you gave & even been tapping a little each day on in. I am so grateful for this tool and too see that it actually works! Thank you for your guidance and love through it!"

~ Jillian, Alaska, USA

"The eft session was excellent and my life has been fully about setting new healthy boundaries with myself and others. I even had big talk with my boss.... I felt, so strongly that I need to be showing myself and stop hiding.
It has been super tough but very rewarding. I think one of the best things I realised that I can be my best friend. I love that!!!!
Thank you so much for sharing your healing art with me, I am inspired."

~ Anika, Italy, Musician

"I’d tried tapping before, but it didn’t go deep enough for me. I wanted to get to the root causes. I did a long session with Jennifer that went to such a deep place. I felt truly met and deeply cared for in a part of me that had felt abandoned, frightened and alone since I was a child. Jennifer kept me focused when a lot of emotion was moving through me. She guided me to a peaceful, restful place. At the end, the child in me felt safe and I felt loved. Her kindness and caring are palpable. I highly recommend her work. She is gentle and I feel held in a secure place with her. Thank you, Jennifer!
Thank you also for extending your hand and pulling me through the matrix when I sooo needed it. What joy to play together on the other side!"

~ Nancy, USA, Akashic record coach & guide

"I feel over the moon appreciative to you for so many things: guiding me in my EFT sessions with such incredible presence, grace, courage, compassion, clarity, wisdom, pure unconditional love, alignment, balance, harmony, passion, humour, respect, and authenticity. Your guidance has been integral in helping me transform deep seeded unhealthy, out dated patterns into new healthy patterns of openness, love, non judgement and peace within, which in turn is now also transforming my relationships for the better with my husband, my parents, my sister, and my friends."

~ Nissa, Canada, Coach & Massage Therapist

"You are someone who has helped me to heal in different ways, from physical pain that had bothered me for a year, to emotional and mental healing through your absolute willingness to be there as a guide when I was in need. I celebrate the amazing being that you are."

~ Siru, Nepal, Designer

"I love working with you, J! I love your compassion, your sometimes surprisingly irreverent & incisive sense of humour in a session, your lifestyle as a wandering peace pilgrim, your professionalism, your excellent insight, your beautiful eyes that beam love. Lots of gratitude to an amazing human being who is truly a master EFT practitioner."

~ Jenna, England, singer

"What I love about tapping with Jennifer is her blend of compassion & razor sharp, no nonsense precision. She is perceptive, analytical and thorough. She's always able to get to the core of any issue. I feel completely safe in her capable hands."

~ Jenny Brav MSW, Acupressurist

"Tapping with Jennifer, you get a real connection to yourself that lasts days after the session. I discovered issues I’ve been burying for years and with the help of EFT & Jennifer, I had a breakthrough moment. My head feels clearer & so does my future. I can’t thank her enough!"

~ Laura, Nursery Practitioner

"Do you feel emotional and you don’t know how to stop the tears?
Do you feel irritated and you don’t know what to do with your anger?
Or do you feel you have blockages and you don’t know how to get rid of them?
For me, my way out is EFT with Jennifer! With her amazing sense of higher intuition, she can accurately point out what the issue is truly about, to heal the pain or hurt at the deepest level.
Her questions and guidance help you to understand yourself, help you to heal yourself! She leads you back to what is most important in one’s life: to love yourself!"

~ Imana***, Sound Healer, Belgium

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