EFT Treatment FAQ

EFT Treatment FAQ

Q: What is EFT Treatment?
A: EFT Treatment is an effective self-healing modality to experience freedom from negative thoughts & painful emotions. It increases self acceptance and self love.

Q: How long does EFT Treatment take?
A: 1 session takes 90 minutes. The treatment itself takes 45 minutes. The number of treatments required varies per individual, but most people experience a positive shift after 1 session.

Q: Is there EFT Treatment for anxiety?
A: Yes. EFT Treatment for anxiety is an effective healing modality to reduce anxiety by increasing the amount of self love.

Q: Is there EFT Treatment for PTSD?
A: Yes. EFT Treatment for PTSD can help with easing the effects of PTSD by increasing the amount of compassion for ourselves, especially in difficult situations.

Q: Is online EFT Treatment available?
A: Yes. Jennifer Harmony offers online EFT Treatment sessions.

Q: Where can I find EFT Treatment near me?
A: There are few master practitioners and it may be difficult to find one close by. That’s why most practitioners offer online sessions.

Q: How do I make an EFT Treatment plan?
A: The help of a skilled practitioner is incredibly recommended to make an EFT Treatment plan. Much like love, treating yourself with self love is not a linear process and the guidance of a practitioner you trust can accelerate healing immensely.