Videos ~ Experience EFT

Try Tapping now & feel its positive effects.  Pick a topic & tap along with Jennifer!
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Learn The EFT Tapping Points (2 mins)

Discover the EFT Tapping Points in just a couple of minutes.


(To do a focused Tap, chose a subject which interests you below!  This video just explains where the EFT points are.)

Heal a Break-Up (15 mins)

Tap along with Jennifer to heal the negative emotions & painful thoughts which often plague us at the end of a relationship.


You can focus on a break up you're currently going through, or one you've experienced in the past.

Tap Exhaustion into Energy (11 mins)

Transform your exhaustion, fatigue & tiredness into feelings of motivation, energy & joy.



Heal Jealousy ~ Feel Secure in Relationships (16 mins)

Jennifer's most popular video on YouTube!


Tap along with Jennifer in this deeply healing EFT/Tapping video to resolve issues with jealousy within romantic relationships.


It can also help build security in partnerships & feel more confident in yourself.


Looking for MORE?

Check out my YouTube channel for the most recent videos.

Including the one pictured here ~ a FULL hour long EFT Tapping session.  Use it for a deeper dive into any issue you're currently facing.  I’ll guide you through the whole experience & help you feel more self-love, acceptance & happiness.

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