What I tell my mind every morning…


i don’t know about you, but with a peppering of dream fragments, i wake up most mornings with a barrage of thoughts about the day…sometimes joyous, sometimes worry, usually just pointless facts & opinions.

Then I read something in ‘The Untethered Soul‘ (epic book by Michael Singer) which made me realise that all this thinking is just a bad habit.  I saw that the majority of my thinking if trying to protect my heart from feeling pain.

i realised years ago that actually my heart is fiercely gentle & can overcome an inordinate amount of suffering…much more easily than my mind.

This gave me the idea to remind my mind of its place, and so…

Each morning i say the following to my mind…

👋 Hey mind🧠!

Just today📆, you don’t need to fix anything 🛠or figure anything out 🤔.

You don’t need to judge🗣, control 🚧 or protect 🛡 our heart.

It’s totally alright if the heart feels pain 💔.

🎢 It’ll be okay💪💗.

Mind, today’s your day off! 😎🏝🚀😍

The extended version, includes something like….

Any pain i feel in my heart can be let go right then & there, realising it’s sacred purification.

i release & relax at the moment, knowing it’s only something disturbing jennifer’s identity & it’s okay for that to be tickled because it helps connect to a deeper Truth.

Today, for as much as i’m able, i rest in loving, witnessing awareness, watching the great unfolding of Life.

Try it!  How do you think it would change your day if you reminded your mind who’s in charge of running the show?

Are you ready to take charge and let your heart guide your life, with your mind acting as a loving partner?

My life’s certainly a lot easier living this way!

2 thoughts on “What I tell my mind every morning…”

  1. This is so beautiful, Jennifer, It takes me home.

    I will remind myself, when I start thinking thinking thinking — I am avoiding feeling.

    Feeling, sensing and Being is so much more delicious.

    Thank you.


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