About EFT Tapping

What is EFT Tapping?

EFT is a somatic, body-based, healing technique which allows you to free yourself from negative thoughts & beliefs. It reduces stress, improves confidence allows you to connect with your authentic self & truly love yourself and life.


Sounds too good to be true, right? Well, this isn’t just some fluffy new age technique! EFT has been researched by scientists & universities (including Harvard). Results from clinical trials, showing the effectiveness of Tapping, have been published in papers & medical and psychology journals.


"Clinical trials have shown that EFT Tapping can quickly reduce the emotional impact of memories and events that trigger emotional pain.

Research shows that when emotional distress is reduced, people's bodies and minds often recover spontaneously.” 

~ Sonya Sophia, EFT Expert




How Does EFT Tapping Work?

EFT fuses the psychological cognitive benefits of therapy with the physical & energy boosting effects of acupuncture. Combined it's a force which usually works incredibly quickly and, other than looking a bit ridiculous, there’s no side effects (unlike pharmaceuticals).


Using your own fingers to stimulate meridian points - used in Chinese Medicine for over 5,000 years - while talking about the issue, sends a sign to the control centre of your brain (the amygdala) that it’s safe to relax. Our fear & stress levels (in the form of cortisol) are controlled by our amygdala & are dramatically lowered as oxytocin floods through our system.


This means we’re naturally able to feel more at peace and start to see our issue from a more spacious, calm perspective, where we’re able to make new choices and deal with the situation more effectively.


“I have found that tapping is one of the most powerful ways to bust through the blocks, relieve physical pain, release phobias and heal the negative emotions behind traumatic experiences. It’s also easy to learn and can be practiced anywhere, anytime. Through the process of tapping you can experience miraculous shifts - and the shifts can happen very fast.”

~ Gabrielle Bernstein, Author & Motivational Speaker

Benefits of EFT

After 9 years of practicing Tapping personally & with clients, these are some of the benefits I've discovered! ~ love Jennifer


It promotes genuine self-love. With each session you learn how to love yourself, exactly as you are. You feel more compassion for yourself. This allows you to be more loving with those around you. Many feel like they’re “better people” as a result of Tapping.


It cultivates emotional intelligence.


When you receive EFT, you’re healing yourself (you use your own hands & we use your words during the session). You’re active not passive in your healing. This is empowering, as you don’t hand your power over to the facilitator.


Deep “ah-ha” moments, as you realise how painful things (including traumas) which happened years ago are still negatively influencing your everyday life. You release the limiting beliefs, formed as a result of such experiences, which have locked you in unhealthy situations & dynamics, possibly for decades. Once these are gone, you’re able to make new decisions from an empowered place.


With each session, you’re learning how to practice EFT by yourself. Some feel so inspired after just one session that they start to tap and heal by themselves on other issues.


It’s simple, yet truly effective at healing deep wounds.







“EFT is a yoga class for the mind”

~ Sonya Sophia







You can even clean up things which happened in your blood line, to your parents & grandparents which have been stored in your limbic imprint. Epigenetics is fascinating! EFT allows you to truly transform unhealthy information stored in your DNA.


It’s somatic & visceral ~ the change is felt on a mental, emotional & physical level.


Einstein asked “The most important question you can ever ask is if the world is a friendly place.” Because of things which happened in our past, often when we were young children (& unable to question the actions of the adults around us) we often come to the conclusion that the world is a scary place. We then adapt our behaviour, both towards ourselves & in our relationships, from the naturally innocent, playful nature of children, to being stressed, afraid, self-critical & feeling worthless. But this can all be reversed if we so choose, with modalities like EFT.


EFT updates your brain, removing programs which are no longer serving you. As you apply the healing balm of acceptance, love, compassion, you’re reprogramming your neurological network. You actually start to perceive the world in a fresh way.


It connects you to your true, authentic self.


EFT sessions can be as deep or as light as you’re ready for. Sessions are tailored to where individuals are at in their life journey & how much they’re deeply ready to change. Want to feel a bit less jealous in a relationships? We can do that. Want to realise your true, eternal nature ~ if you’re really ready ~ I can help you get there.


Author: Jennifer Harmony

"I’d tried tapping before, but it didn’t go deep enough for me. I wanted to get to the root causes. I did a session with Jennifer that went to such a deep place. I felt truly met and deeply cared for in a part of me that had felt abandoned, frightened and alone since I was a child.

Jennifer kept me focused when a lot of emotion was moving through me. She guided me to a peaceful, restful place. At the end, I felt safe and I felt loved. Her kindness and caring are palpable. I highly recommend her work. She is gentle and I felt held in a secure place with her. Thank you, Jennifer!”"  

~ Nancy, Spiritual Coach, U.S.A.

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